2015-01-19 - Pär Sundström (Sabaton)

Metalmieze.de: You're almost nonstop on the road. More and more shows are being announced as Sold Out. Did you expect anything like this?

Pär: We are aware that Sabaton is growing and very glad for this. However we were not expecting that we would fill arenas like in Ludwigsburg and Hamburg. But its amazing.


Metalmieze.de: I've seen you guys on the second Oberhausen show (Feb., 9th). The stage set up looks so great. Fitting perfectly to your songs and your stage appearance. Who came up with the tank idea and how?

Pär: Many years ago I wanted a tank on the stage. When I met finally a person who was capable of making this I was really happy. Then that person went crazy and did so much more then we thought from the beginning. And now I am happy for that since the stage looks amazing.


Metalmieze.de: I have heard some reactions after that show by some fans in the crowd. They mentioned, that they are tired by the "Hey you crazy Germans. You know, every time that we come on tour etc. etc.... "Noch ein Bier!", ‘cause it is all the same for so many years now that it got boring in that way. Isn't it time to think about a new way of including that "Noch ein Bier!" to your shows? You can't leave it, ‘cause it's a must have on a Sabaton concert, but maybe it's time to vary.

Pär: We have definitivly ideas to improve this and make the shows more fun. It starts in the summer at Noch Ein Bier Fest!


Metalmieze.de: And another critic on your shows: I always like to see what I hear. Since there are also synths or keys in your songs, I would love to see someone playing keyboard on stage. Are you looking for someone (maybe at least for stage appearance), or don't you what another band member?

Pär: We are happy the way it is now. It works fine. We are not looking and dont want any keyboardplayer. Maybe one day that we stumble upon the perfect guy and change our minds but not really now.


Metalmieze.de: Again I recognized some similarities between you guys and my personal Metal Gods, Iron Maiden, on stage. Like the way you are dealing with each other, or like Jocke is running and jumping around all the time. Are Iron Maiden some kind of stage idols to you or is that just a coincidence?

Pär: You have absolutely right. We have a lot in common with Iron Maiden. And of course they are some of our idols. They are good inspiration. Doing this for the right reason.


Metalmieze.de: A few weeks ago I thought there are the tours, there's a Sabaton Open Air in Falun, there's the Sabaton Cruise, you’re headlining big festivals... It’s like you guys are everywhere! So what could be next? Then I got the news for your german version of the SOA, which will take place this summer in Gelsenkirchen. How did you come up with this idea? Tell me something more about this new festival.

Pär: Well, I always wanted to do something in Germany like the Noch Ein Bier Fest. And now it was the good timing to make it possible. Everything was perfect this time with the other shows in Germany, the tour and such. We still have not announced much info on this. There are 3 other bands and they were all directly choosen by us in the band to fit perfect into the concept.

It will be for sure a great evening!


Metalmieze.de: In my personal opinion, the Carolus Rex album is the most authentic record you could ever have released. I bought this one in Stockholm, only for the swedish version and I don't really give a listen to the english songs. For me, there will never be another Sabaton record, which could top the Carolus Rex. Will there ever be a chance for a second swedish history lesson on CD?

Pär: Well, we are very proud of that show and also loved the idea of making it in Swedish. Maybe we will do something like that in the future too. Who knows!


Metalmieze.de: Are there maybe some new ideas for a new record? And if so, would you give us a hint about the direction where it will be going?

Pär: There are ideas, we always think far ahead. And we have concept for at least 2 albums already decided. Not sure which one will come first. We are still thinking of this. And we dont wanna announce it since it might change quite late.


Metalmieze.de: Is Sabaton damned to stick to the “War and Historical Battle” lyrics, or did you think about other topics yet?

Pär: Well, we are not damned to do it. But we like it. If we find something else we enjoy writing about we might change but for now we are good!