2014-04-18 - Im Kurz-Interview mit Lars (Manticora) und Camden (Seven Kingdoms) zur bevorstehenden "Re-Claiming The Land"-Tour

To everyone who hasn't heard of your band/music yet: Try to convince them in 3 sentences to come to one of your shows.

Camden: "We are Seven Kingdoms, a Female Fronted Power Metal band from Floriida, USA. We are a young up and coming Power Metal band that has so far supported Blind Guardian, Stratovarius and Amaranthe playing dates all over North America and Europe. We have a unique mix of power metal as we have the speed, the sing alongs, the shredding all covered with the unique-non-operatic vocals of Sabrina Cruz."

Lars: "You'll have to come to our show, because we'll make your head bang harder than it ever did! To the men: We'll have lots of great looking girls, attending the show (plus a female singer in Seven Kingdoms). To the women: We'll have lots of great looking men on stage, performing for you..:-)

You're still looking for local support bands for the Essen, Bratislava, Wien and London. Is there anything special you're looking for? What are the requirements they have to fulfill?

Camden: "We like to support the local bands all over the world. Almost all bands start there, and that is something that needs to be supported! We are looking for young, excited bands that are already fans or have a like sound to Seven Kingdoms and Manticora. We need a band that can help assist the promotions and be able to get the word out in the local scene."

Lars: "Not that much, really. They first and foremost need to play a metal style as close to ours as possible. Wouldn't make sense to add a djent/grindcore band, as they fans would not stay to see the main acts. It'll of course be an advantage, if they can play a great show."


What can we expect from your show?

Camden: "We are returning with Danish band Manticora in May/June. We are really excited for these dates as we get a much longer set from when we were there last time. We should be playing a full hour on these shows, so it will give the fans a lot more of what we have to offer. Its also very nice to see what the impact our last tour had in 'making fans'. So we are super stoked to see the turnouts. I know London is leading with presales at the moment, so that is very, very exciting considering that this will be our first time there!"

Lars: "PURE and RAW energy from the first to the last note. And then of course great metal anthems, served with some good visuals....+ the great atmosphere at the venue.. :-)"


What are you most looking forward to on this tour - besides being on stage?

Camden: "I personally, am looking forward to physically being on the road with Manticora. We will be splitting a bus with them. When we went over the first time with Stratovarius, it was a huge learning experience, more off the stage than on it, to be honest. It was our first time in Europe and the band had a bus all to itself. Just the logistical factor was very hard to do, since we were our own crew, figuring it out as we go: booking hotels, currency difference, internet and phone connections, luggage, merch, the whole thing. It was very stressful for me for the first few weeks acting as Tour Manager for our band. It's something that you cant learn from, until you are thrown into the situation and experience it first hand. SO, this time, I have the lovely manager, Lars, handling the logistics and tour managing, so its already much less stressful. I believe just being able to wake up, load gear, play, and socialize, will make this trip so much more enjoyable for me, since there will be less questions to answer, and much less things to run around and take care of. I can actually see the sights of the country!"

Lars: "Seeing loads of new faces in front of the stage. It's what it's all about - getting the music out over the edge of the stage, and having a great time, doing it! Being on stage is great, but seing people, enjoying YOUR music is even greater. It's really life-confirming to see all those hours, in a shitty rehearsal room, coming to fruitation and life in a venue."