VOIVOD veröffentlichen Kluskap O’Kom Video; 7“ Single und eigenes BIER

Die kanadischen Progressive-Metal-Pioniere VOIVOD haben kürzlich ein Video zu ihrem Song „Kluskap O’Kom“ veröffentlicht. Die Regie übernahm Syl Disjonk, der für seinen Horror-Kurzfilm Ethereal Chrysalis bekannt ist. Als Kameramann war JP Bernier (Despised Icon) beteiligt. Die ursprüngliche Premiere des Videos fand im Oktober bei Philip H. Anselmos Housecore Horror FilmFestival in Austin, Texas statt. Schaut euch das Video hier an: http://youtu.be/SyvR6kOy5p4


Auf die Frage zur Bedeutung von „Kluskap O’Kom“ hat Sänger Denis Snake folgendes zu sagen:

"Sometimes described as a giant coming out of the woods, sometimes a monster in a lake or sometimes a powerful being that came from the sky, Kluskap is the name for this strange character and O'Kom is the place where he lives. Kluskap is inspired by a legend from a Canadian native tribe called the Micmacs. He once came to earth to kill all the Dinosaurs in order to help the humans to take over the planet. One day Kluskap will come back with another mission to the humans. There are many similarities between the Kluskap story and other legends from tribes all around the globe; stories told of encounters with beings from other worlds. This one is very unique I thought. So here it is; Hear the thunder, it is me, coming back!!!! KlusKap O'Kom!"


VOIVOD haben außerdem eine 7“ Single zu dem Song veröffentlicht, der auch auf dem aktuellen Album “Target Earth” zu finden ist. Die Single kommt mit einem Artwork des VOIVOD-Drummers Michael „Away“ Langevin daher und ist auf 1000 Stück limitiert. Auf der B-Seite befindet sich eine Live-Aufnahme von „Kluskap O’Kom“, die auf der letzten Europatour in Berlin aufgenommen wurde. Ihr könnt euch die Single, die es in schwarzem, grauem und schwarz-weiß-marmoriertem Vinyl gibt, hier holen: http://smarturl.it/VoivodCMD

Weiterhin hat die Band vor kurzem in Zusammenarbeit mit einer in Montreal ansässigen Brauerei eine limitierte Auflage „Kluskap O’Kom“-Bier gebraut. Gitarrist Dan „Chewy“ Mongrain kommentiert:

"Frederic Cormier , the brewer and owner of Hopfenstark Micro-Brewery, and I had this Idea for a couple years of crafting a Voivod beer. This year, with the new album, Target Earth, and our 30th Anniversary, the timing was perfect to celebrate and brew! So I asked the guys if they were into it and everybody thought it was a great Idea! We sampled different types of ale, lager, stout, IPA, season, wheat etc to come up with the type of beer we wanted to do. We also talked about the concept and decided to associate the Voivod beer not only with the band's name but with a song from the latest opus. We choose Kluskap O'Kom, which is inspired by American-Indian legends and modern reality. We wanted the beer to have a taste from the woods, the terroir, so to speak. So Frederic had this idea of crafting the beer with Mugwort and Balsam Fir which we ended up picking up in the woods. The beer is made with fresh ingredients; it's easy to drink yet with complex well balanced flavors. We just invited friends and fans to the release party in Montreal at Station Ho.st (bar owned by the brewer) and it was a complete success! Lots of people celebrating the 30th anniversary of Voivod, making toasts with a Kluskap O`Kom beer listening to some Voivod, watching a 2 hours "making of" the beer, plus we had a surprise when our director friend showed up with a DVD to play the promo video of Kluskap O' Kom!! It was a perfect magical evening...I ended up going to bed at 6am...smiling, how could life be better than that?"


VOIVOD Line-up:

Michel Langevin (Away) - drums

Denis Bélanger (Snake) - vocals

Jean-Yves Thériault (Blacky) - bass

Daniel Mongrain (Chewy) - guitar


VOIVOD online: